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Name:I Dig Your Style
Website:DeanGabriel mod on Tumblr
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated
Community description:Dean/Gabriel fanworks community

Welcome to the Dean/Gabriel fanworks community on Dreamwidth!

Here is the specially reserved space on Dreamwidth for fans of the Dean/Gabriel ship. All kinds of works are welcome: art, videos, fanfics, meta, fic recs, and whatever else your minds can come up with! We accept slash, gen, and het but all works must involve Dean Winchester and Gabriel.


It's simple and easy. First of all, be respectful. Entries to this community are moderated, meaning if I don't find anything wrong with it, neither should you. Of course, I may miss things sometimes, and when I do, first of all, you report to me. Do not go hounding the original poster. Speak to me and I'll quietly remove it with a word to the poster.

Please stay on topic in posts. Feel free to have an enlightening conversation about the better side of Destiel in the comments, but keep posts about that to their respective communities, please.


1. Only one image larger than 300 x 300 pixels can be shown as a preview before a cut, and for icons you may give a preview of up to four icons.

2. Anything longer than 100 words goes underneath a cut.

3. Works that do not centre on Dean and Gabriel's relationship will be rejected. Posts about Jensen Ackles and Richard Speight, Jr. are allowed, as well as RPF and RPS, but it must be about the both of them. For example, Sam musing on the relationship of their nature with only a peep from Gabriel is okay, but a casefic where Dean and Gabriel are in a relationship but it only stars Dean and Sam and does not focus on the Dean/Gabriel relationship is not.

4. Do not give me five different posts in a row, each with one link in them. Bulk posting is allowed, but no more than three links may be shown above a cut.

5. Give appropriate warnings for major character death and spoilers. Anything that has been freshly aired over the past three weeks counts as a spoiler.

6. Give trigger warnings where appropriate. I'm sure you can figure them out for yourself, but common ones include incest, rape (that includes noncon and dubcon), explicit violence, eating disorders, and underage sex.

7. You are allowed to post works directly to the community, but if you post them to your own journal or something, make sure they are not f-locked. F-locked entries will be rejected.

8. Feel free to introduce yourself and make friends!

Posting Format
Subject title of posts go as follows:
Type of fanwork; title (if available); warnings

In the body of the post:
Fanfiction/fanfiction recs:



This is what is compulsory. You can add other details, but I must see these in the body of your post. Use tags as appropriate. Character tags are for characters that star prominently. If Garth just gives a quip over the phone, there is no need to tag him.

(Psst! You can post with OpenID! I've made this community as open as it possibly can be, so please go ahead and go wild.)

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